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Theraplayce is a unique, comprehensive, kid friendly outpatient pediatric center which provides occupational, physical and speech therapy with a base in play. The facility has been providing therapy with a foundation in sensory integration and postural disorganization for 27 years by experienced, qualified therapists to meet the specific individual needs of each child. Services are provided to a wide range of children with diagnoses including, but not limited to, cerebral palsy, autism spectrum disorders, spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, developmental delay as well as uncategorized difficulties.

At Theraplayce we provide the highest quality therapy where therapist and families work as a team! Co-treatment with a PT and OT is frequently used in a creative and fun atmosphere. We use a variety of tools to provide the most successful treatment for your child such as suspended equipment, sensory activities, postural control, myofascial release and therapeutic listening, just to mention a few. Therapy sessions are quickly adjusted to help your child stay motivated to participate an develop skills. This type of environment allows our parents to watch and learn about their child's specific needs and see their achievements during sessions as well as learn what they can do, as parents, to make the child more successful with daily actives at home.

* Occupational/Physical Therapy
* Postural Stability  * Sensory Processing
* Gross Motor/Coordination Skills  * Motor Planning & Self Help Skills

​Postural control                                        Motor planning                                      Execution!!

If you have concerns regarding your child's development please call to schedule an appointment. 

Theraplayce is located in the Omaha Public School district which allows qualified kids to be brought to therapy sessions after school by transportation while parents are at work! This allows the child time to receive their individual therapy session and spend time with peers using the skills they have been learning during the session. We work with families to set up the most convent time possible for therapy.

Parents are invited to stay and watch and ask questions as the therapists explain what areas of need are seen and are being addressed. Parents are free to run errands during their child's therapy time. We work to make your life easier and the child's life as successful as possible.

Theraplayce is a provider for most insurance companies and Nebraska and Iowa medicaid.

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